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Rife Development Corp. is a contract manufacturer, formerly named Launching Technology Inc. since 1993. We provide excellent assembly services in heart of Silicon Valley for customers.  We assemble customer designed high end cables and mechanical-electrical chassis.
In years of business, Rife Development Corp. serves a wide arrange customer types like military contract manufacturers, capital equipment/device manufacturers and telecoms.
We make RF (Radio Frequency) cables such as Semi-Rigid or flexible Coaxial cables up to 27+GHz, multi-conductor Datacables, system Harness and flat Ribbon cables, etc. We do full turnkey solutions or customer consignments for materials.
We help our customer integrate mechanical-electrical systems or sub-modules. With our very strong engineering background, we are also able to challenge complicated, lack documentation and small quantity assembly tasks for engineering prototype.

Besides assembly, we provide free consulting for customer cable design too.
Because we respecting our customer businesses, we not only provide high quality assemblies but also make jobs in quick turn-around and competitive costs.
Rife Development Corp. guarantees to provide the best quality assembly jobs. 100% customer satisfaction is our final goal.
Rife Development Corp. accepts customer consignment, turnkey, Kan-Ban and blanket orders to meet each customer’s special requirements and schedules.
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